Cause Fitness :

Cause Fitness: Fitness for Effect

“Educate. Encourage. Empower. This is how we cause fitness for lasting effect.” – Rachel Elizabeth

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What is Cause Fitness?

1. ‘Cause Fitness’ is fitness, for effect. It’s a brand that serves the multiple purposes it implies. ‘Cause Fitness’ represents:

  1. A personal call-to-action:
    • We are all about inspiring action and personal responsibility through science-based fitness and “God-made over man-made” nutrition education, programs, and partnerships. 
  2. The ripple effect of a healthy lifestyle:
    • We practice what we preach, and strive to create simple to understand, duplicatable results, so that one transformed life will translate to multiple lives, simply by the first living the ‘Cause Fitness’ lifestyle as an example. 
  3. Getting fit to give back:
    • Cause Fitness donates a monthly minimum of 10% of all online income to the Cause Fitness ‘Cause of the Month’ (COTM), and/or local ministries such as City Church, or Renew Church LA
    • The last Saturday of the month, the weekly group-fitness class, The ‘UnBootcamp‘ becomes “UnBootcamp for a Cause”.
      • “UnBootcamp for a Cause” donates 100% of all proceeds to a COTM
      • View a sample of #CauseFitnessApproved charity organizations here.
    • We believe that getting the focus off of ourselves to help others improves health, happiness, self-perception, and body-image…

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‘Cause Fitness’ promotes healthy body image by operating from the perspective that every person was made in the image of God, has infinite value, incredible God-given purpose, and is loved unconditionally. 

  1. We believe in getting to the root of the problem, or the ‘why’ behind your goals.
  2. Healthy body composition is more important than a number on a scale or a dress size.
    • Know this: one pound of dense muscle will take up less space on your body than one pound of mushy fat. Trust how your clothes fit and how you feel, rather than basing your confidence on a number. That said, yes, extra pounds can be unhealthy, just as being underweight can be unhealthy. 
    • While the goal of ‘Cause Fitness’ is to make everyone healthy, we start with compassion and start building confidence where you are now not based on where you want to be. Finding joy in our present state increases the likelihood that we will stay fit and healthy even after we’ve gotten to our ‘goals’.
  3. A holistically fit lifestyle leads to a successful, fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.
    • When you are exercising, eating nutrient rich foods to fuel your body’s needs, and getting enough rest to let your body and mind recover from your hard work in and out of the gym or office, you will find energy, peace of mind, and improved sense of wellbeing, strength and confidence.
    • This is a preventative healthcare lifestyle. To name just a few benefits, living a holistically fit lifestyle promotes:
      • longevity
      • lowered risk of disease
      • saves you tons of money on medical bills!

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1. INTEGRITY: This is a brand you can trust.

We are committed to quality, honesty, and transparency in customer service, products or affiliates and brand consistency. We will never knowingly support, or take endorsement from, any company who’s brand does not also esteem honesty and integrity in their product and actions as a company. There is so much misinformation in the media – Cause Fitness is the name you can trust for credible, evidence and science-based health, fitness, and nutrition information. 
Does it pass ‘The Mama Test?

If I can’t be proud to share every aspect of what I do with my amazing Mama, it will have no part in my brand.” – Rachel Elizabeth


2. GENEROSITY: Gratitude and generosity are paramount to a healthy, happy lifestyle. 

Cause Fitness is Cause focused. We get fit and give back, so that we can give more. See part 1. of the Brand Message above. 


3. EDUCATION: “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

We believe that even basic education can change the world. If someone is hesitant to make a lifestyle change, it’s primarily education that gives them the confidence to change. Education offers the opportunity to improve one’s quality of life.


4. ACTION: “Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin

Actions speak louder than words. We practice what we preach, and encourage others to take action and cause fitness with us.


4. BALANCE: Fitness is more than just cardio or weight lifting.

Fitness is holistic; a lifestyle and a fine balance of physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness. It shouldn’t be a chore. Daily affirmation to practice saying, believing and implementing: 

[“I love taking the best care of my body as possible. I will live a long, healthy and happy life. Others will see this, and improve their lives by following my example. I will always do my best to Cause Fitness!”]


5. FUN: Fitness should challenging, and it should always be fun!

With balance between work and play, fitness should be informative and effective, and yield body transforming results, but it should never have a negative connotation. Rather, working out should bring a liberating rush of endorphins and a welcome escape from the routine and mundane! We encourage and personally participate in a variety of physical sports and activities on a regular basis. Cause Fitness is active playing! 


6. PURPOSE: Profit is not the ‘why’ behind Cause Fitness.

“What has not changed from day one, is my desire to build people’s self-confidence through fitness and reveal every individual’s unique God given strength and beauty from the inside out. This is, and always will be, why we are in business.” – Rachel Elizabeth 


Cause Fitness

…and on a personal note, I challenge you to listen to this with an open mind and inquisitive heart, because holistic health, includes spiritual fitness too…

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