Cause Fitness (CF) is more than fitness services brand because fitness is more than just exercise. Fitness is the picture of a truly healthy human life, and that begins with meeting basic human needs like food, clean water, shelter and loving relationship.

That is why Cause Fitness is a philanthropic foundation established to give back to organizations with integrity that don’t just give-and-get-on with the next thing, but they establish relationships and remain responsible for their giving until healthy human life and economy has taken root and grown worldwide.



If one butterfly can flap it’s wings today and cause a hurricane next week, then each of us can be the change we wish to see in the world. Be the Change, and Cause the Effect you wish to see in the world.
Cause Fitness: Fitness for Effect ©

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  • Rachel Elizabeth’s I am here to tell you that you are the most discussing person on earth. In fact you and your so called friends are so stupid it isn’t funny.You said in the article that you was raped while you was in college. So has alot of other women I don’t see them jumping out of airplanes in their underware. In fact I have had more heartbreak in my life then you ever thought about. I lost my mother when I was 9 years old I lost my dad when my youngest daughter was 6 years old and on top of that I was molested from the time I was 9 years old till my grandfather died. I was in my late my teens when he died and my God forgive me for saying this that was the happiest day of my life when he died. Then 8 years ago I lost my husband due to diabetes. I sure as heck not jumping out of an airplane because just to get over my fears. Especially when I am scared to death of heights. I think you and your friends belong in a mental hospital. And I mean that literally. Have you ever thought about what kind of a picture you are making for young girls that will look up to you someday or do you care. Just because you have your own fittness program doesn’t mean that you are God. Oh by the way God wanted me to write this. When was the last time you read your Bible and prayed? If it has been awhile don’t you think should before you go and jump out of a airplane.

    • Precious Connie, my heart breaks for you and what you’ve had to endure in your own life. I am truly sorry to hear it, even though I know these simple words typed onto a screen could never truly express my sincerity. I hope that by my response to you, you will only see love, and nothing but. 

      Everything you’ve shared with me considered with care, I understand that at first glance what I’m doing (Skydiving with 6 other women, in lingerie, for a documentary project) looks completely outrageous (admittedly, it is pretty outrageous) and to some people, even some very close to me, judgement will be the first and possibly remaining response. It’s hard for me to handle thinking about at times too, but, as I would with those I know, I urge you to take a closer look at why I’m doing this.

      My brand, Cause Fitness, was founded and is rooted in love: love for people, because I love Jesus, and the more I learn about Jesus, the more I understand that his only objective was just that…loving people. So, that is my objective. 
      Cause Fitness is: Fitness for Effect. This brand was established to share the joys and benefits of a truly healthy lifestyle with everyone I touch, so that by that loving outreach, I can be the tool that God uses to change lives. Through my influence in fitness, He can use me to inspire confidence through strength and resilience, so that people with start to understand their own value through the change in their self-confidence, positive body image, and ultimately find that they are, each of us are, of infinite value to our Father, God, Creator. 
      Fitness is only a vehicle; a catalyst for positive change; a way to bring light into a darkened world full of disaster, trauma, abuse, betrayal, pain, hurt, and death. Fitness is the vehicle I choose, because in my own story (, when my world and self worth were stripped from me after being raped, as I’m sure you can empathize with even if only a little, my relationship with God (through my Bible, and prayer) were my foundation and stability, and fitness was my physical outlet for the stress and emotion that were uprooted in the process of healing. I know that I am a little ‘crazy’ for being so open about my story, but I also fear nothing because God loves me despite everything, and despite all the hurt and loss of confidence in that season, I know my value as His child and the joy that comes from knowing that only propels me to share it further, on a bigger soap-box, with a microphone, on top of a mountain, or even from the air after jumping out of a plane for film/television….and beyond!

      My hope in jumping isn’t for show or display of self, but it is a bold proclamation of what it means to have overcome something traumatic that could have, and for many people does, destroyed me and my attitude and future. As a Christian, I am called to forgive because ‘to whom much has been forgiven, much is required.’ So that said, rather than let rape ruin me, re-define me with lies of inadequacy, and trap me from pursuing my purpose, by forgiveness because I was forgiven first, I can only see my past as the perfect catalyst for sharing love with other women struggling through similar experiences, or much much worse. Knowing that judgement and retribution are not my job, but the job of a very able and just creator God, I can be satisfied and start to heal and use my story for the good of everyone who will listen. :) 

      I can only hope that this event, and the sharing of my story, and the women I’m jumping with sharing their stories, will encourage other women everywhere. Our goal is to encourage women to not be defined by what has happened to them as much as how they respond and not just survive, but thrive and face their fear so as to enjoy a full life of joy and love, rather than staying stuck in a cycle of painful memories and self-hate. 

      About the underwear…
      The women who started this initiative (the idea to jump for a cause) are professional boudoir photographers (Esme & Eve Photography). They jumped out of a plane together a year ago with the purpose of facing their fears, then they decided to take it a step further, in honor of their brave clients who face their insecurities in front of ‘Esme & Eve’ camera lenses daily, and they jumped in their undies. This time around, we’re all jumping because of a different story of ‘overcoming’, so the jump symbolizes a physical manifestation of an internal shift we each have experienced in different ways. We’re all jumping in lingerie in honor of women everywhere who can relate to one or all of our stories. We realize that it is an incredibly bold move to acknowledge the pain of your past and embrace it as something to make you stronger rather than weaker, so we had to do something incredibly bold. We took what the girls did last year, and amplified it. Yes, we’re doing it for attention, but we’re not doing it to promote ego (believe it or not, I’m incredibly scared, and embarrassed to be flying from the sky in lacy things despite my relatively healthy level of body confidence). We’re doing it for the attention of the masses. We want to wake people up. Shock the system and break the routine. We’re admittedly trying to ignite a world wide change; an awakening in women’s self perception and inspire positive steps forward for anyone struggling with stories like ours. 

      For ‘Cause Fitness’, this is just another way I hope to be part of a world-wide holistic health and fitness Effect. 

      Because after all, Cause Fitness is, Fitness for Effect. 

      That said, I want to remind you of some truth you can hold fast to. Jesus loves you and wants to make you whole again. You are so beautiful, and if you let Him, He will take your past and create the most beautiful example of healing and forgiveness and joy for you too. I hope all this and so much more for you, Connie. 

      Please feel free to reach out to me for anything at any time. You are loved. 

      Your sister in Christ, 
      Rachel Elizabeth Murray