VIDEO: Rachel Elizabeth on KING 5 New Day North West


This is a very special post!

It’s my first LIVE news segment as a featured fitness & nutrition expert!

My objective was to cover some tips and ideas for working out outside during the colder winter months. In the video you’ll get to see some of my favorite:

  • Outdoor winter workout gear and attire tips
  • Outdoor winter full-body exercise suggestions and demos by my assistant (and one of my best fit friends and fellow trainer, Amanda Jarstad)
  • Foam rolling demos for post workout stretching/massage. What is Foam Rolling? See my Monday Challenge video on SMFR HERE



If this video doesn’t play for you, please click here to follow the original URL for the segment here.

That said, I hope you enjoyed the video segment, comment below to let me know what other subjects you’d love to see covered on New Day NW or even just suggestions on what you’d like to see featured on for Watch it Wednesdays, and subscribe to my email updates so you never miss a new CF post! I look forward to hearing your feedback and have a fit week!

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