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Los Angeles based Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, offering private and online training, ebook downloads, and LA's 'UnBootcamp' class.

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Agency represented talent available for booking speaking/presentations, hosting, media appearances and more. Click to view resume.

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Cause Fitness™ is a growing 'cause' supporting orgs that provide positive, holistic, & sustainable worldwide effect. Click to learn more.

  1. Created to Overcome

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    Created to Overcome by Kristen Singletary Growing up I was your classic oldest child. The eldest of my parents’ seven children, I ‘mothered’ all of my siblings, was very responsible, and was, for lack of a sweeter term, bossy. I took myself very seriously and wanted others to as well. I...
  2. Something you should know

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    Something you should know… I genuinely care about people in general, but more specifically, I care about YOU. That is why I continue to do what I do. It’s why I’m so selective about which brands I work with (read more here), it’s why I have been a trainer and...
  3. Grandma’s Power Chili

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    Grandma Murray’s Protein-Packed Power Chili I don’t mean to brag, but I was completely spoiled with great food growing up. My mom, my grandma, my nana…all amazing cooks, bakers and foodies! I could share so many recipes that are “family secrets”, and I probably will continue to, but Grandma’s Power...
  4. Carrot-Ginger Juice

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    Wondering what to do after a huge binge, or holiday meal? It seems simple to just simply get “back on track” but that’s easier said than done. Binging for any reason is never easy on your body. Even if it’s a holiday feast, too much of a good thing isn’t...
  5. Nana’s Chicken

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    You’re in for a treat. Not only is this recipe for Nana’s Chicken easy, healthy and delicious, but it’s also a childhood memory, sentimental, and a family favorite. I actually asked my Mama’s permission to share it with you, because it’s her mama’s (my Nana’s) recipe. If you want a go-to recipe...
  6. Green Ginger Juice Smoothie

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    Green Ginger Juice Smoothie Ginger has been used for thousands of years for it’s medicinal properties. I love it for it’s unique flavor, so I came up with this green juice smoothie using it because I wanted to share it with you. Try it out! You’ll enjoy it even more knowing...


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