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  1. 10 Common Diet Mistakes: Part 2

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    10 Com­mon Diet Mis­takes: Part 2 Con­tin­ued from Part 1 Just to reit­er­ate (from Part 1), every­one is on a diet. Accord­ing to Google, a diet is sim­ply “the kinds of food that a per­son, ani­mal, or com­mu­nity habit­u­ally eats.” Yes, it can also be what you’re restrict­ing your­self to, but for today, let’s stick to...
  2. 10 Common Diet Mistakes: Part 1

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    10 Com­mon Diet Mis­takes: Part 1 Let’s get back to the basics. One of the most com­mon pieces of advice I hear from fel­low fit­ness and well­ness pro­fes­sion­als about diet­ing these days is to “stop diet­ing.” While I know what they mean, and essen­tially agree, no one is defin­ing the word itself, which just...
  3. Why You Should Eat Food with People

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    Why You Should Eat Food with People Imag­ine this… You walk into a room buzzing with antic­i­pa­tion as a busy chef moves mas­ter­fully around a small loft-style kitchen in full view of you and 20+ other guests who’ve arrived to a wine recep­tion. The clink of glasses and warm greet­ings sat­u­rate the air. Appe­tiz­ers cir­cle the room in waves as...
  4. A Rest-Based Hotel Workout

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    A Rest-Based Hotel Work­out for Legs and Butt A cou­ple months ago when my mom and I went to TGC Women’s con­fer­ence in Indi­ana, we stayed in a hotel with a pretty decent fit­ness cen­ter. There were tread­mills and ellip­ti­cal and machines and dumb­bells… They even had a pull-up bar and...
  5. Bacon-Balsalmic Brussels Sprouts

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    Bacon-Balsalmic Brus­sels Sprouts If I’m at a restau­rant and they offer brus­sels sprouts on their menu I usu­ally order them, because they’re usu­ally pre­pared some­thing like this: golden and crisp on the out­side, and warm, savory and sweet on the inside. I was just at a net­work­ing din­ner last night and...
  6. Thailand Retreat Reflections: Part 2

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    Cause Fit­ness — Thai­land Retreat Reflec­tions: Part 2 Con­tin­ued from Part 1 here… I was en route to wit­ness­ing a dream come true and it wasn’t hap­pen­ing because I made it hap­pen, but because God allowed it to. He was car­ry­ing me there… …It was the feel­ing of know­ing that I was exactly where I was...
  7. Leaning In to Grace

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    Lean­ing In to Grace I’m sens­ing a theme lately. (That’s usu­ally when God is try­ing to ham­mer some­thing into my thick skull. I need to hear it a few times before it really sinks in, appar­ently…). He’s teach­ing me to lean into Him and His good­ness with­out suc­cumb­ing to my knee-jerk response...
  8. How Sauna Use Can Help Speed Up Your Metabolism

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    How Sauna Use Can Help Speed Up Your Metabolism By guest con­trib­u­tor, San­dra Feldman We’ve all read about the boun­ti­ful ben­e­fits you can reap from reg­u­lar sauna use. It’s even gone so far that celebri­ties are now actively pro­fess­ing their love for the new infrared sauna tech­nolo­gies and how they are...
  9. Thailand Retreat Reflections: Part 1

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    Cause Fit­ness — Thai­land Retreat Reflec­tions: Part 1 Now that I’m back home from lead­ing my first inter­na­tional “Cause Fit­ness : Retreat” in Koh Samui, Thai­land, it’s time to get read­justed to Los Ange­les life. Eas­ier said than done, apparently. I had very good inten­tions of writ­ing and post­ing this imme­di­ately after land­ing at LAX....


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